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Our lamps are made from different kinds of textile waste from both consumers and industrial production.They are then manufactured in collaboration with Göteborgs Kyrkliga Stadsmission, who offers work in a socially sustainable way. Craftmanlike production contributes to create peace and quite in which to work, balance and room for reflection. But also the invigorating feeling of being part of something. All the lamps has its own ID number you can follow the story from waste to glory on every lamp here.

# 10-14

# 10-14

We got a special request. Lamps made by the discarded jeans of the coworkers at Forsman & Bodenfors: This is a really good story and fun projekt. Produced at Kriminalvården Borås.

Slow seams

# 1-7

Our very first serie of lamps were made in collaboration with a Swedish prison. A new experience for us as designers and also the insight that design really can make a change. This was the start of SKRYTA [slow design]. All lamps were sold in short period of time.