Our story

It started with a vision to encourage a slower way in our busy design world. Enabling the possibility to think twice and find alternative solutions. To highlight sustainability from a human perspective and not only the environmental aspect.


A collaboration with a Swedish prison showed us the possibilities. Patience and adjustments on our design process made big difference for the persons involved and reward was magic. This was the start of SKRYTA – handmade lamps loaded with love and good stories.


Today we have a collaboration with Göteborgs Kyrkliga Stadsmission. People far from labour market get a chance to be part of our production in a slow and safe environment.


It started with one lamp, growing organically. Now we have lamps proudly hanging in beautiful design interiors all over Europe. Each one with its own ID number.


We want to be part of the change for a beautiful and sustainable future


We offer handmade lamps loaded with love and good stories. Both series and limited editions.


With a ”slow design” approach, we aim for both environmental and social sustainability.

About us

”Our mission is to drive change for a sustainable future.”

SKRYTA [slow design] is a award-winning design studio located in the heart of Gothenburg. Together, Maria Zeilon and Lill O.Sjöberg create a mix of innovation and craftsmanship, driven by the shared passion for sustainable solutions.We know that it is possible to manufacture products from waste materials, with alternative production methods suitable for a high-end design market both in large-scale production and as limited editions.

Our partners and collabs