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Our lamps are made from different kinds of textile waste from both consumers and industrial production.They are then manufactured in collaboration with Göteborgs Kyrkliga Stadsmission, who offers work in a socially sustainable way. Craftmanlike production contributes to create peace and quite in which to work, balance and room for reflection. But also the invigorating feeling of being part of something. All the lamps has its own ID number you can follow the story from waste to glory on every lamp here.

Slow [birch] bark

# 118-124

What is more suitable than lamps in birch bark to a place like Vuoggatjålme, which has nature just outside. These lamps were made by Tooba, Lisa, Yu Xia, Shirin and Margareta. Photo: Per Lundström.

k[not] waste Vuoggatjålme

# 115-117

Up very north of Sweden you find the nature resort Vuoggatjålme. They expanded their restaurant and found our lamps so suitable for the interior.These three k[not] waste in white combined with our lamps in birch bark. Tooba and Jenny from Göteborgs Stadsmission made the lamps in the macramé technique. Photo Per Lundström.

# 110-114

# 110-114

The new Scandic hotel at Landvetter airport, designed by Wingårdhs Architects, opens the end of May 2021. We have delivered our lamps Slow tan, Slow [black] tan and Happy indigo. As soon we have some pictures from the interior we will show them here. The photo is from the site of Swedavia Airports.

Happy Indigo

# 105

The community of Mölndal opened a new sustainable meeting place. For this the bought our lamps in jeans but also leased some of our lamps.

K[not] waste white Macramé

# 97-98

The white ”k[not] waste” are hanging here from the high ceiling at PP Skeppsbron in Åhus, a town in the southern part of Sweden. The client just fell in love with this lamps when she visited Niehku Mountain Villa [see # 30-33]. After a long research she found us and we could fulfill her dream! These are made by G, her first two lamps made for us.

Happy Flax TME Borås

# 80-84

Five handmade lampshades ”Happy Flax” here hanging in the conference room of ”Borås TME”. YuXia and Melinda made these. For Melinda it was almost the first lampshades she made for us during her time at Ergon, the workshop of Göteborg Stadsmission. Photo: Sanna Roy.

Slow [birch] bark Roots Downtown Camper Stockholm

# 74-79

To ”ROOTS”, the new creative hub at the hotel Downtown Camper by Scandic in Stockholm we delivered six lampshades ”slow [birch] bark”. YuXia and Lahib made these lamps together. For Lahib these were her first own lamps.

Slow tan Kretslopp och Vatten Gothenburg

# 68-73 + 94,96,99

To the new large office of ”Kretslopp & Vatten” here in Gothenburg we have delivered two differents lampshades; ”Slow tan” and ”Happy indigo” [see below]. When they move in November we will go and see the together with Melinda, YuXia, Sabah and Lahib who made these lamps.So looking forward seeing them in place.

#  66-67

# 66-67

”Happy Indigo” to the new office of ”Kretslopp & Vatten” in Alelyckan outside Gothenburg. A lampshade made of leftover warp in fine flax from Kasthall and dipped in natural indigo. The bright indigo color adds so much to the shades. These two are made by YuXia and Sabah.

Happy waste yellow Boho Club Marbella

# 61

This ”Happy waste [yellow] went all the way down to south of Spain, to the BOHO club in Marbella. A mix of different yellow yarn qualities from Kasthall and made by Yuxia.

k[not] waste [red] Husjuristerna

# 58

To the new office of Husjuristerna in Gothenburg we delivered our lampshade ”k[not] waste” in red rope, here in a smaller size to fit the group of furnitures. This was the very first lampshade Sabah made for us.

Slow tan extra large Gårda Konferens Gothenburg

# 55

To the newly opened conference center in Gothenburg, Gårda Konferens, we delivered our first extra large ”slow tan”, 90 cm in diameter. While YuXia was working with the lamp at the workspace Ergon, driven by Göteborgs Stadsmission it felt gigant, but as soon it was installed in their large room it shrinked a lot! So from now you can order this extra large lamp from us!

Slow seams Denim City Amsterdam

# 53

To Denim City in Amsterdam our Lill delivered herself our lamp ”slow seams”. It was installed in their ”very-important” meeting room. This lamp is made in different shades of jeans seams and it was Veronica from Ergon who made this lamp and she was the one to suggest to mix more seams in different blue colors. And this one has a copper colored lampshade – really nice too!

# 49-51

# 49-51

From one another partner to Göteborg Stadsmission, ICA Kvantum Munkebäck, we got an order of three lamps to their café-corner. Two lamps were special lamps made of yarn and the third was our ordinary lamp in black leather in 3th grade from Tärnsjö tannery. Yu Xia and Veronica from Ergon made this lamps.

Slow [black] tan Ica Torslanda

# 34-42

From ICA Maxi Torslanda, one partner of Göteborg Stadsmission” we got a larger order to their new deli-department. Yu Xia, Faride and Lisbeth from the work-space Ergon made all this lamps for this project. We all went out there to see them in real life.

K[not] waste [red] Niehku Mountain villa Riksgränsen

# 30-33

To the new exciting hotel, Niehku Mountain Villa, up at Riksgränsen in the very north of Sweden we had the pleasure to deliver four of our macramé lamps,”k[not] waste”, made of yarn ropes, a leftover material from Kasthall. The got a premium place at the hotel, hanging from the high-ceiling in the restaurant. Made by Faride and Yu Xia from the workspace Ergon.

K[not] waste [black] Hotel Gustavia Chamonix Langley

# 26

We had the honor to send our lamp ”k[not] waste” to Gustavia, the Langley hotel in Chamonix. The new apartment on the very top of the house has such a high-ceiling room where the lamp with its long fringes just fits in so well. The lamp is handmade by Lucina.

# 19

# 19

When Textilmuseet in Borås rearranged their shop they wanted to highlight our work with waste and our collaboration with Kasthall in Kinnahult, a community south of Borås. Our yellow lamp is made by leftover yarn och manufactured at Ergon, the working space at Göteborgs Stadsmission and made by Lucina.

Slow tan Downtown Camper Stockholm

# 27-28

To the new concept hotel Downtown Camper by Scandic in Stockholm we delivered two of our lamp ”Slow tan”, made of third sorted vegetable tan. (and also two ”Slow seams” see # 8-9 below). Manufactured at Göteborgs Stadsmission by Lucina and Stina who participated in their work training.

Slow seams Downtown Camper Stockholm

# 8-9

These lamps were also produced at the prison. We are proud to tell that they can now be found at the hotel DownTown Camper by Scandic in Stockholm.