Happy waste [orange]

# 46

Happy waste [orange]. The example we have for lease and it is made by YuXia.

Slow seams

# 43-44

Slow seams, in the large size were delivered to Recreate Design Company in Gothenburg. Made by YuXia and Stina.

Happy Indigo

# 105

The community of Mölndal opened a new sustainable meeting place. For this the bought our lamps in jeans, Slow seams, but also leased some of our lamps, like this one; Happy Indigo.

K[not] waste white Macramé

# 97-98

The white “k[not] waste” are hanging here from the high ceiling at PP Skeppsbron in Åhus, a town in the southern part of Sweden. The client just fell in love with this lamps when she visited Niehku Mountain Villa [see # 30-33]. After a long research she found us and we could fulfill her dream! These are made by G, her first two lamps made for us.

# 49-51

From one another partner to Göteborg Stadsmission, ICA Kvantum Munkebäck, we got an order of three lamps to their café-corner. Two lamps were special lamps made of yarn and the third was our ordinary lamp in black leather in 3th grade from Tärnsjö tannery. Yu Xia and Veronica from Ergon made this lamps.

Slow [black] tan Ica Torslanda

# 34-42

From ICA Maxi Torslanda, one partner of Göteborg Stadsmission” we got a larger order to their new deli-department. Yu Xia, Faride and Lisbeth from the work-space Ergon made all this lamps for this project. We all went out there to see them in real life.

Slow seams

# 1-7

Our very first serie of lamps were made in collaboration with a Swedish prison. A new experience for us as designers and also the insight that design really can make a change. This was the start of SKRYTA [slow design]. All lamps were sold in short period of time.